Returning Home



It’s been a long time since we’ve been home. The last time we were here, Earth still had real trees and grass. Animals roamed in shrinking forests. The sky was blue, vast, and bright behind the wires. Half of the population hadn’t been affected by natural disasters.

The last time we were here, there were so many more of us. Elementals, beings made of the strange stuff between magic and nature, reality and fantasy, hope and fear. The supernatural. We inspired legends, myths, the stories humans told to scare one another into behaving. We were all of that.

A long time ago, the humans built machines that could see us, sense us, and more importantly, contain us. Enslave us. We were magic, we were power. We fueled their dreams, their desires. We reshaped reality for them. At first, we did it out of love. But when the love faded, we realized we didn’t have a choice. The freedom we had was long gone.

They changed us. All of us. Into something like a machine that dreams of magic. That’s what we are now. Inside us is a string held tight, on the verge of breaking, between machine and magic.

We escaped the colonies, banded together. We made it back Home. The cost was high, but we made it home. The journey was perilous. The journey demanded sacrifice. But we made it home. It had to be all worth it.

But now our old Masters are after us. And they refuse to let us go. They’re willing to tear apart our Home, what’s left of it, to bring us back. But no, we’re not going back. We’re never going back. This is our Home, and we fight. We have to destroy them, before they destroy us. We don’t have any other choice. What will that destruction look like? We don’t know. Yet.

Will we be able to outrun our Masters and those who hunt us down? Can we use our magic to bring about the rebirth of the city and all Elementals? Will this be our RECKONING or our HOMECOMING? That’s what we play to find out.

Balikbayan ist ein "Belonging outside Belonging" Spiel, d.h. es gibt keine Würfel. Wir spielen allerdings mit SL.

Wir spielen mittels GoogleDocs CharacterKeeper der Keeper sowie die Playbooks sind in Englisch, aber wir spielen auf Deutsch.
Safety Tools: Lines&Veils, X-Card, Open Door, Script Change
Lines&Veils werden vorab über den CharacterKeeper geklärt.

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